Marie Englesson


Marie started her career in telecom and worked across Africa, Asia and Europe for more than 6 years. As founder and CEO of Atsoko, she draws on her diverse experience to build a company whose vision is to the most successful chain of beauty and cosmetic stores in the Tanzanian market. Marie has a MSc. from the Stockholm School of Economics, and lives in Tanzania since 2012.



Our staff have a passion for makeup and beauty and are proud of the wonderful products we have and love to share this with their customers. Customers are always invited to test and try the products in order to experience the difference to other products, or to see which products are best for them. It's the long term that counts at Atsoko, building a base of loyal and happy customers that see it as a treat to come to our makeup stores.

Business Controller
Fedha Juma Mkomu
Sonia Wilfred Kiiza
Caroline Charles Arbogasty
Trisa Ernerst Mhombo
Compliance & HR Administration Manager
Athanas Michael Lupatu
Juma Sheha Makungu
Agnes Martini
Neema Karia
Royce Henry Mkandawile
Project Manager
Mwasiti Kisinza Lilanga
Norah Joseph salema
Jeffer Jankins